*** Every IP from us is dedicated IP and you will be the one who use these IPs. ***

Why the dedicated IP is IMPORTANT comparing to crappy dollar shared ip?

Dedicated ip is ip address that used only by you. It's no risk for other people doing spam and hurt your good website.

The main factor for SEO ranking nowadays is host your quality website and content on Dedicated ip.

Panda Safe certified

Panda algorithm is an algorithm by Google which specifically fights the spammy websites. You can be sure and safe from de-indexing by Google when your websites hosted on dedicated IP.

100% no bad neighbourhood

stay away from crappy spam site by using dedicated IP. Protect your website for the best results from SEO ranking.

Clean ip space - direct from ARIN

All of the IP are clean and free from being blacklisted. Direct allocated from ARIN which is a central organization in IP management in the USA.

Free SSL on every domains

Since Google confirmed that https is now included in ranking factor, so we decide to offer free SSL to every of client domains. All your sites hosted with us will have SSL encryption connection. Better security and ranking!

Powerful control panel

Conveniently manage your website with cPanel/WHM with a full range of tools including the auto installer, softaculou, that can automatically install CMS such as wordpress, drupal, joomla and more than 200 scripts to help you save time.

Free cPanel Migration

* Free migration - We provide free migration service for cPanel and we also happily give you 10% discount lifetime. You only need to send of proof of the invoice by your current hosting provider.
* For migrating the control panel which is not cPanel, we charge $5 per website.
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL cert (https://) for every domains
  • SSD-POWERED Disk space 1GB/ip
  • Premium bandwidth 10GB/ip
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Softaculous Auto installer

How many "dedicated" ip different C class you need?

Dedicated ip different C Class

Need more power/need root access, consider SEO dedicated servers

Single processer

Xeon E3-1240v3 4 X 3.4 GHz
10TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps
Up to 1000 different c class ip
Managed support available

from $199/mo


Dual processor

Xeon E5-2620v2 12 X 2.1 GHz
10TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps
Up to 1000 different c class ip
Managed support available

from $399/mo


Custom server

Wide range of CPU model
120-480GB SSD or 1-4TB SATA
10TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps
Up to 1000 different c class ip
Managed support available

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in this service

We launched BigfootComputing in the beginning of 2015. However, we are not a new provider. BigfootComputing is the brand of multiplecloud.com who provide SEO hosting service for more than 5 years and serves more than 800 clients worldwide during the past 5 years.

What is the different between dedicated C class IP hosting and SEO dedicated server?

The dedicated C class IP hosting is suitable for those who need to use dedicated C class IP with limited budget while the SEO dedicated server have more power and can support more traffic website. Dedicated server also can support wide range of usage because you have root access.

What are your IP addresses look like?

At this moment, our IP addresses are diversified consisting of 5 different A class and up to 100 different C class, non-consecutive but most diverse ip range. In the future, we will be providing more IP addresses.

What is the IP geo location?

The IP location plays an important role for location based SEO. For example, if you target audience of your website are Canadian, it's better for you to set up your IP from Canada. When you order SEO server from us, you can specify the ip location setting

How SSD-POWERED Hard disk can be better?

The SSD is the fastest benchmark harddisk. Your website can be access much faster than SATA Harddisk. As Google places importance to page load speed. So SSD is your only one option.

Where is your Data Center?

We are a strong partner with Colocrossing which owns data centers across the USA. You can rest assured of the stability because we provide 100% network uptime.

Can I upgrade/add more IP later?

Shall you need to add more IP or upgrade the server spec, please contact us.

How long does the setup take?

Within 1 business day for the dedicated C class IP hosting (2-4 hours in general) and 1-3 business days for the dedicated SEO server.

What are your payment methods?

At this moment, we accept payment via PayPal which is highly safe, convenient and fast.

Do you have refund policy?

We offer 7 day money back guarantee excepts the SEO dedicated server. If you need to get your refund, please contact us.

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